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      Concentrating solar power

      The CSP power generation systems use concentrators to focus sunlight onto a receiver that carries a working fluid which is heated up to a high temperature, and this heated fluid goes to a conventional steam turbine that is attached to a generator, thus electricity is produced. At present, there are mainly Parabolic Trough, Tower, Dish, and linear Fresnel type power generation.



      Solar desalination technology uses the heat energy generated by solar energy to directly or indirectly drive the seawater to undergo a phase change process, or use solar energy to drive the dialysis process and then desalinate seawater.
      1) It can operate independently and is not limited by conditions such as steam and electricity;
      2) No pollution, low energy consumption, safe and stable operation, no consumption of conventional energy, such as oil, natural gas, coal and so on. It has great application value for areas with high energy shortage and high environmental protection requirements;
      3) The production scale is organically combined with good adaptability, relatively low investment and low water production costs, and it has competitiveness in the fresh water supply market.

      Clean heating

      Solar energy clean heating technology uses solar collector to collect solar radiation and then convert it into heat energy. Liquid is used as heat transfer medium and water is used as heat storage medium. Heat is transfered to the room through heat-dissipating components for heating.
      1) High-efficiency and energy-saving: The maximum efficiency of the use of solar energy can save energy costs by 40-60% and the operating cost is greatly reduced;
      2) Green environmental protection: The use of solar energy to clean green energy avoids the pollution of mineral fuels to the environment and provides users with a clean and comfortable living space;;
      3) Intelligent control: The system uses intelligent control technology, which is self-control and can operate economically, it can be set to provide hot water 24 hours and it is very convenient to use..
      4) Building integration: It can be installed in the high-rise balcony, windows and other sun-facing walls to achieve building integration and enjoy a comfortable life;
      5) Energy complementation: The use of gas boilers in rainy weather is automatically switched by the solar heat exchanger without manual adjustmentt;
      6) Wide application: it can be applied to high-rise and multi-storey residential, independent villas, small and medium-sized hotels, bath centers, schools and other heating and bathing places.

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