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      TeraSolar Fresnel

      Technology Overview

      Heat transfer and thermal storage

      Concentration and heat collection

      TeraSolar Solar tower system

      Solar tower system

      TeraSolar solar tower power station uses revolution and rotation sun-tracking technology and installs heliostats on tracking vehicles to track the sun while rotating along the rail. The heliostat rotation component adopts oscillating bar + screw rod lifter, which reduces the cost and improves the sun tracking accuracy of the system, the input shaft precision of the lifter can reach 0.02 degrees per rotation. About 10-12 heliostats share one autorotation drive motor to realize one-to-many drive, which greatly simplifies the control system compared to domestic and foreign tower projects, and the heliostat azimuth tracking control reduces the cost by 90%. These technologies are applied in the supporting systems and sun tracking systems of solar tower thermal power plant and they can greatly improve the overall economic performance of solar thermal power plants. The solar tower power station has high concentration ratio, high system conversion efficiency, short pipeline loop, thermal storage and so on. The technology is considered as the most promising.

      TeraSolar Technology patent

      After more than ten years of R&D, TeraSolar has formed a technical patent system of the entire industrial chain of solar thermal power generation . The patents scope covers the entire solar thermal power generation system, key functional systems, and key components. Based on this patented technology, it can build all Chinese solar thermal power stations. Currently, TeraSolar has 25 authorized invention patents, 74 authorized utility model patents, TeraSolar has submitted 10 PCT patent applications and has obtained patent authorizations in more than 20 countries and regions.

      TeraSolar Solid-state thermal storage system

      Solid-state thermal storage system

      Advantages of concrete solid-state thermal storage system From the perspective of construction cost, the thermal storage material of concrete solid-state thermal storage system is mainly concrete, raw material includes cement, gravel and other small amounts of added materials, which does not require expensive and unreliable closed tanks. The integrated heat exchange channel is ordinary water steam pipeline, the overall cost is stable and controllable and has a large proportion of cost advantages over molten salt system. From the perspective of operational safety, the concrete thermal storage system will not occur frozen, over-temperature or over-pressure phenomenon; the entire system will not be overheated, which basically like a simple and safe boiler that will never overheat and never have no smoke erosion; and the daily operating temperature fluctuation range can be controlled within 40 °C after the concrete thermal storage system is put into actual operation, the temperature change rate is very low and it has little impact on the structural strength.


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