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      About us

      13 yrs

      Founded in 2005


      Invention patents


      Utility model Patents

          Relying on its more than 10 years of technical R&D and pilot test, Beijing TeraSolar Photothermal Technologies Co., Ltd.. has formed a set of complete and unique patented technology system. Its solar thermal power technology is mature, the product line has the characteristics of systematicness and integrity, which significantly reduced the cost of solar thermal power systems and accelerated the progress of the promotion and popularization of solar thermal power technologies and thermoelectric product systems.
          Taking development of green energy and focusing on sustainable development as its mission, with its own advanced technology and concepts, rich experience and continuous technological innovation capabilities, TeraSolar has a competitive advantage in the field of new product R&D, quality assurance and service system.

          The company provides solar thermal and thermal technology transfer and training services. At the same time, it undertakes the R&D , manufacture, sales, and solution of solar reflectors, collectors, thermal storage system, support structures and tracking devices, and continuously promotes China and The development of the world's light and heat industry.
          At present, TeraSolar has got nearly 100 domestic patents and more than 10 international patents, and has already possessed engineering design qualifications of new energy power generation, power transformation engineering, power transmission engineering, thermal power generation (including power block design of nuclear plant), construction industry (construction engineering), and qualifications of engineering survey& measurement, power engineering construction general contracting, construction project construction general contracting, etc. TeraSolar also has commissioning and operation capability.


      Development Concept

      Development Concept

      Beijing TeraSolar Photothermal Technologies Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and comprehensive application of clean energy, especially the solar energy resources, it focuses on the production safety and consumption of clean energy sources, and explores the clean application of traditional energy. Focusing on the development of green energy and sustainable development, we have the core competitive advantages in new product R& D, quality assurance and service systems with our advanced technology and concepts, rich experience and continuous technological innovation capabilities.

      Development history

      1 13yrs' TeraSolar, upward always

      • 2016-09~2018-02

        National demonstration phase

        TeraSolar acquired Sichuan Su Neng Electric Power Engineering Design Co., Ltd. and successfully obtained the qualifications for two solar thermal power generation demonstration projects in the first batch of China. At present, the geotechnical investigation phase of Hua Qiang TeraSolar Zhangjiakou water working medium Fresnel 50 WMe solar thermal power generation project has been completed. The construction of foundation piles and other work is on-going.

      • 2015-02

        Commercialization phase

        Zhangbei Hua Qiang TeraSolar Energy Co., Ltd. began construction of Huaqiang TeraSolar Zhangjiakou No. 1 15MWe solar thermal power station project and supporting modern facilities agriculture project in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City (Beijing TeraSolar Photothermal Technologies Co., Ltd. is project technology system supplier and EPC contractor) with investment of 700 million yuan, the plant is equipped with thermal storage capacity of 14 hours and the annual power generation capacity is 75 million kWh. This project turbine realized successful power generation in July 2017.

      • 2013-10

        Medium scale experiment phase

        TeraSolar started construction of a solar concentration thermal power demonstration power plant at the Huang Yangtan state-owned forest farm in Xuanhua County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, the construction was completed in half a year. The demonstration power plant has two standard commercial-grade 400-meter concentration loops and mirror field area of 7,500 square meters. TeraSolar integrated a solid-state heat storage system into operation, which has dynamic, effective heat storage capacity of 2.5 megawatts and an effective heat collection power of 2*1.5 megawatts, and a 50-kilowatt small steam turbine is installed.

      • 2012-6~2013-10

        Small scale experiment phase

        At this point,the solar energy R&D team has grown to more than 50 people. In order to better carry out larger scale experimental verification of key components, the company established an experimental base of 6.67 hectares in Gu'an County, Hebei Province, and conducted experimental verification of north-south and east-west oriented Fresnel solar power generation technology. In September 2012, steam was produced successfully.

      • 2006-07~2012-05

        Preliminary verification phase

        After the theoretical feasibility research, the company initially organized a R&D pilot team to conduct R&D and preliminary experimental verification on key components of solar power generation such as concentrators, collector tubes, reflectors , thermal storage system,ground source cooling devices and so on in experimental base located in Majuqiao Tongzhou District, Beijing. Among them, the reflectors invented by TeraSolar have the advantages of simple manufacturing process, strong mechanical performance, superior weatherability, etc. TeraSolar successfully obtained patents for the reflectors in China and has applied for PCT patents in 27 countries and regions, it has obtained patents authorization in more than ten countries and regions.

      • 2005

        Research phase

        Since 2005, our company has conducted research on the status quo and development prospects of the solar energy industry. The research content mainly includes the investigation and summary of the current situation and development of various technical routes in solar energy industry both at home and abroad, and makes a feasibility study on the development of solar energy in the fields of technology, economy and policy. The research shows that the solar energy industry in foreign countries has gradually evolved from the experimental stage to the commercialization stage. The solar research and development of our country is in the initial stage. The country and society have shown great concern for the development of renewable energy, especially solar energy, and it is a great opportunity for our company to develop the solar power generation technology.

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